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What services do we provide?


TFBC works exclusively with Taft-Hartley Health & Welfare Funds providing a comprehensive approach that provides measurable results leveraging our portfolio of experienced employees and proven processes. Our employees have more than 70 years of combined experience servicing Welfare Funds like yours.


TFBC has always had one clear vision – helping the Trustees' of Taft-Hartley Health and Welfare Plans provide benefits to their employees at a reasonable cost.


Failing to plan is the equivalent to planning to fail. Regardless of the Welfare Fund’s financial condition we bring a forward thinking strategy building a blueprint to success.


TFBC uses a team approach to collaborate with the Trustees to understand your priorities and develop a benefit plan that runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team approach brings together the people and resources that are best for accomplishing your objectives.


TFBC understands that all of the moving parts of the plan need to work together in order to achieve savings. Each cog in the wheel needs to move in unison to optimize the value of the Funds financial integrity.


We successfully coordinate and manage all of the Fund’s vendors (e.g. PPO, HMO, PBMs, dental, vision and Insurance carriers) to meet the trustee’s expectations. When we encounter problems, we recommend changes and monitor the decisions. We do it all with an in-depth understanding of your plan so that the Trustees get the right information at the right time to make the decisions.


No matter what elements the Trustees are looking for TFBC brings them all together so that you can focus on what you do best.


Trustees have access to a broad range of services - from our comprehensive annual reports, to administrative support and the design of managed care and wellness programs.


We offer the Trustees competitive consulting fees. Our typical arrangement is an annual retainer with hourly fees or project bill for special consulting services. Our fee is our only means of compensation, we do not accept commissions that could interfere with making a recommendation to the Trustees.


TFBC is synonymous with performance and reliability. We provide you with benchmarks and metrics to keep you informed regarding your plan’s performance relative to other welfare funds.


Our results-oriented approach provides administrative improvement along with technology improvement. We don’t consider it to be a job well done until the recommendations we have provided and you have implemented are running smoothly and to your satisfaction.